Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement

May 2014

Setcan’s laser-based StressVest System makes ultra-realistic instruction easy, repeatable and hyper-realistic!

“Like many of man’s most important endeavors, the quest to make firearms and tactics training relevant, realistic and repeatable is a difficult one. But maybe the way to “get from there to here” is not through ballistics, but rather through electricity and innovation. The StressVest offers a unique, low-cost way to fill the training gap between live fire and marking cartridges—one that allows users to amass sufficient repetitions and experience a unique “pain penalty” for making a mistake. Like a rat in a laboratory, man has a fear of electric shock (at least a smart man) and will do things to avoid it. Proving to the officer that doing things right—using cover properly, getting off the “X” to avoid a suspect’s fire and understanding that giving up after being shot is not acceptable—pays off in training and will save a life on the street.

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January 2014

SHOT Show 2014: StressVest offers firearms training without projectiles

by: Loraine Burger

“The benefits of firearms training without projectiles are ample. It requires no eye protection or other safety gear, it works through glass, the pain penalty is adjustable, and there’s no clean up.  With no fear of misfired Airsoft bullets, it’s safe to use outdoors and in public settings; no property can be damaged, K-9s can safely be a part of the training, and shooting even at a distance is accurate.”

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Cato News

Summer 2013

Injury Simulation Leads to Optimal Performance

by Rushdi Cader

“It has been described like being punched, slashed with a razor, stung by a bee, or having an arm cut and packed with salt. High on adrenaline, the experience of being shot can vary from excruciating pain to being barely noticeable. And though the descriptions may vary, the experience of being shot is universally anxiety provoking. Overcoming this fear, by safely simulating the discomfort of a bullet wound during training can prepare an officer to prevail even in the face of serious injury…”

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Governmnet Security News

July 2013

FLETC to use STRESSVESTS to record non-lethal laser shots at firearms trainees and provide immediate feedback

by: Jason Goodwin

“In order to improve its firearms training — and enable instructors to provide immediate feedback to students from law enforcement agencies — the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center plans to procure 14 Gen2 STRESSVESTS, which can record non-lethal laser hits on trainees during scenario-based exercises.”

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Fog Horn

March 17, 2013

Stressvest Worlds First Non-Projectile Force on Force Training System

“Technology has also dramatically reduced costs. Organizations that invest in these technologies will be able to increase training frequency and intensity, as well as reduce costs, by reducing travel, facility costs and ammunition costs.”

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April 2, 2012

StressVest™ – The Next Step in Force on Force Training

“StressVest Inc. is looking to revolutionize force-on-force training for law enforcement officers by eliminating many of the traditional problems associated with Simunitions, paintball and airsoft training.  The StressVest™ concept is simple, but the execution would appear to be a real work of technological art.”

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Homeland Security News Wire

December 27, 2011

StressVest™ Adds Physical Consequences to Training

“To give training scenarios added realism, StressVest Inc. has developed a vest which provides physical consequences to an exercise without endangering participants…”

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December 22, 2011

StressVest Adds Realism to Force-on-Force Training

“Used effectively, the value of this kind of reinforcement is tremendous. The StressVest maintains that same sense of realism but eliminates the need for special protective gear and an environment tolerant of stray paintballs and similar decoration.”

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Law and Order

December 2011 Vol 56 Issue, Pages 52-53

Stressvest™ Stress Inoculation for Firearms Training

“Reality based training has always been a struggle for trainers. The variable levels of pain generated by the StressVest™ cannot be under estimated for training the brain to overcome the flight reaction and concentrate.”

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Tactical Response

Nov-Dec 2011 Vol 9, No. 6 Issue, Page 64

Stressvest…a New Reality for Firearm Training

“Stress caused by pain or the threat of pain has adverse affects on people. This tool will allow us to experience the realities of firearm stress without having to actually be shot-and is a close as actual real-life firearm training could be.”

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