StressVest™ features an externally worn, wireless StressX™ belt that delivers a safe, localized, fully adjustable shock through clothing or a vibration for role players. The StressX™ belt is the ONLY system in the world with patented Advanced Training Modes including Role Player, Stress Exposure, Move to Cover and Injured Officer.


StressX™ Belt Questions & Answers

Q: What is the StressX™ belt?

A: The patented StressX™ belt is the world’s most advanced pain penalty system. Although the belt is primarily used with the StressVest™ System, it was designed by the patent holder to be integrated into any force on force training system that does not have a pain penalty.

Q: How does it work?

A: The StressX™ belt is designed to deliver a safe, localized electric discharge to the abdomen of the wearer when activated. It is typically activated through some type of force on force training system or a training IED.

Q: What makes it the world’s most advanced system?

A: The StressX™ belt has the ability to be set to different training modes. There are currently 12 preset modes, but more modes can be added by customer request. The modes vary in several ways to allow for several variations. First, vibration modes that do not have a pain penalty. These modes are useful for role players and introducing training concepts to students. Second, stress exposure training modes, that allow the pain penalty to be adjusted to suit the level of the student. Third, increasing pain penalty modes. These modes make each subsequent hit become more painful to motivate action from the student. And finally, simulated injury modes, that continue to deliver a random pain penalty over a set period of time to train your students to function when injured.

Q: How safe is the StressX™ belt?

A: It is extremely safe. Using research into existing Electrical Discharge Devices, our engineers developed circuitry that utilizes only a fraction of the amperage and voltage deemed to be safe. Add to this our safety management course and it is by far the safest stun system available for training.

Q: Is it not just a stun gun on a belt?

A: No. Stun guns are designed to cause incapacitation or repel an attacker. Our system is designed specifically to deliver the safest localized shock possible. Some stun guns deliver over 50,000 volts! Add to this the variation in amperage from product to product and it is a recipe for disaster. The StressX™ delivers a maximum of 4,500 volts and less than a fraction of a milliamp.

Q: What systems can the StressX™ be incorporated into?

A: Currently, StressVest™ and IR Tactical™ (who licenses the IP specific for their product from StressVest Inc.) are the primary users of the StressX™ system. We have also integrated it into Cubic MILES gear and MIL-SIM-FX™ products. If you have a current system that requires a pain penalty, contact us to see how to integrate it into your system.

*Minimum orders required for some systems.