Interactive Multi Target Training System

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Bring an advanced-training range to your own home. The Interactive Multi Training Electronic Target System is a versatile and user friendly training solution that won’t break the bank. The system has wireless target-to-target communications and multiple drill configurations.

The multi-target system:
• Is built to work with StressVest SureStrike™ and vibration cartridges – both red and IR
• Includes a choice of buzzer or light hit indication systems – or a combination of the two, shooters choice!
• Has five shooting modes – standalone, steel-plate shooting, tactical training (“chase the ball”), shoot/no-shoot or
double-speed shoot/no-shoot
• Includes Four (4) 3-5 inch cards per target
Please note: The i-MTTS is built with modulated technology. As such, we cannot guarantee they will work with laser cartridges that are not manufactured by Laser Ammo.