StressVest® Blank Fire Pistol CQT Laser Insert


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CQT Laser Insert


  • StressVest® Blank Fire Pistol Precision/CQT Laser Insert threads into the front of the barrel of any blank fire converted pistol
  • The lens of the Blank Fire Pistol CQT Laser Insert is optimized to allow for a greater margin of error than the standard Blank Fire Pistol Precision Laser Insert.
  • The laser produces a vertical rectangular light pattern that limits the margin of error left and right of the target, but extends the margin of error vertically to ensure activation of the vest even when blocked by hands or arms.
  • Blank Fire Pistol CQT Laser Inserts are bore sighted and do not require sighting after being inserted into the training pistol
  • Approx. 7,500 shots per battery pack

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