NEW! CQT Lasers

Dramatically increase hit ratios with the new CQT laser!

CQT Laser insert

Unlike the current Precision laser sold with all StressVest® systems that demands point of aim accuracy, the new CQT laser allows for a larger surface area activation. It is the best solution for training tactics, decision-making and firearms use during scenarios where engagement occurs within 30 feet. The CQT laser is available for both handguns and long guns.

The CQT laser is designed to replicate the same operational accuracy of the most commonly used marking round munitions.

CQT Laser Comparison


  • The CQT laser provides a larger activation area, ensuring activation of the StressVest® even when it is partially obstructed by the arms or weapons of the individual wearing the vest.
  • The vertically aligned, elongated shape of the CQT laser beam limits the degree of left to right aiming variance, forcing a higher degree of accuracy compared to other cone shaped laser systems.
  • The CQT laser is bore sighted, requiring no sighting when used with a StressVest® / UTM™ blank fire conversion kit for handguns. Just thread in the laser and your ready for training.
  • Effective range out to 45 feet!
  • Will work with HIT KIT™ Goggles (Coming mid 2016). The kit eliminates the need to wear the vest system, perfect for S.W.A.T. and military wearing tactical vests.


  • The CQT laser is primarily designed for indoor use. The effective range of the CQT laser is limited in direct sunlight. (Use StressVest® Precision laser for outdoor training requiring greater distances.)

NOTE: The CQT laser only works with the StressVests® manufactured after November 2015 and the new HIT KIT™ product for sale mid 2016. Current customers are encouraged to contact StressVest® prior to ordering CQT lasers to ensure your products are compatible. Product upgrade incentives available for current customers at substantially reduced pricing.