Stressvest® Overview

StressVest® is the world's first non projectile, force on force, firearm tactical training system capable of creating stress through a pain penalty without fear of projectile injury for training Law Enforcement Officers and Military Soldiers. The system utilizes training firearm that fire a laser pulse which activates the StressVest® when it strikes center mass. Depending on the setting, the vest will either deliver a vibration or a safe, localized shock to the abdomen.

  • Allows officers to train under a state of acute stress creating schemas that will dramatically increase their ability to survive a deadly force encounter with a firearm.
  • Sets up in seconds, maximizing training time and allowing you to train anywhere, anytime.
  • Does NOT require any special safety equipment, saving you time and money. Most importantly creating more realistic training by allowing you to see facial cues and hear auditory sounds clearly. Finally . . . train the way you fight.
  • Operates through most color clothing, allowing the StressVest® to be completely concealed.
  • Training lasers can be fired through windows/windshields and offer a perfect ballistic match to issued ammunition for accuracy/distance.
  • Requires NO safety equipment. No projectiles = greater safety, less cost, no clean up, no need for special training facility.
  • Utilizes the wireless StressX™ PRO Belt that has Patent Pending software offering Advanced Training Modes never before seen in RBT dynamic scenarios.
  • Only registers center mass hits ensuring transference on how students are trained to shoot on the range vs shooting in force on force training.
  • Optional Head Sensors and side panels allow for specialized training.
  • Integrated Training IED's provide for a pain penalty to Officers/Soldiers within a preset "kill radius" upon detonation.
  • Optional StressVest® Strap Extender is designed to add additional length to the waste strapping on the StressVest®. This allows for the StressVest® to fit larger students or to allow for role players to wear the StressVest® over protective equipment.
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how it works

Sync the StressVest & StressX™ PRO Belt

Since the StressX™ PRO Belt is wireless, it must be paired with a StressVest® receiver shell. This process is called syncing and it takes just seconds.

StressX™ PRO Belt's can also be synced to the Instructor CQT Tablet so they can be remotely configured and activated by the Instructor.

Put on the StressVest® and StressX™ PRO Belt

The lightweight StressVest® receiver shell is designed to record center mass incapacitation hits to the front or back (optional side and head panels are also available).

The StressX™ PRO Belt is worn externally around the waste, where it delivers a vibration or a safe localized shock to the abdomen.

Customize Your Training

The StressX™ PRO Belt can be set to vibrate for Role Players or shock for Trainees. In shock, the pain penalty is fully adjustable from low (1) to extreme (4). Instructors can then choose between 12 Advanced Training Modes to further enhance the training and achieve specific training objectives.

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Start Training!

Unlike other proximal laser based systems, the StressVest® system requires point of aim accuracy while shooting. StressVest® can be activated by either dry fire, CO2, or blank fire training weapons. It can also be remotely activated through the CQT Instructor Tablet or Integrated Training IED's.

Reality Based Training, Just Got Real!

Officer with Stressvest

The StressVest® offers marksmanship point of aim accuracy with Blank Based System, additional Sensor Panels, Advanced IED integration, wireless externally worn StressX™ PRO belt and an Instructor CQT Tablet making it the most advanced force on force system in the world today.

Different Ways to Activate the StressVest®

How Stressvest Works
StressX™ Pro Logo


StressX™ Pro Logo

StressVest® features an externally worn, wireless StressX™ PRO belt that delivers a safe, localized, fully adjustable shock through clothing or a vibration for role players. The StressX™ PRO belt is the ONLY system in the world with patent pending Advanced Training Modes including Role Player, Stress Exposure, Move to Cover and Injured Officer.

Protective Belt Cover


The Protective Belt Cover is designed to fit over the StressX PRO Belt. The cover performs several functions:

  1. It protects the belt from wear and tear. Especially for role players who are constantly being proned out for handcuffing.
  2. It blocks the lights to ensure the role player cannot be easily located when conducting training in low light environments.
  3. It has an easy access flap that still allows all the functions of the StressX PRO belt to be used even when the cover is on.
StressX Protective Cover
CQT Instructor Tablet CQT Tablet

The Instructor CQT Tablet remotely configures and controls up to 10 StressVests®. The CQT Tablet manages and interacts with scenarios from start to finish to give the Instructor unprecedented control of the training environment from activating individual StressVest® to rendering all StressVests® inert. Real time data includes seeing hits and monitoring trainees heart rates. Use the CQT Tablet's camera to record and play back scenarios.

Stressvest Remote Activator

(Item #: SV-RA)
  • Instructor initiated remote activation
  • Activates all Stressvests® at the push of a button
Head Sensor

Sensors on the top panel and underside of the front of the visor of the Law Enforcement Baseball Cap pick up any hits to the upper facial region. This registers a hit for either students or role players and will deliver either a shock or vibration depending how the StressX™ PRO belt has been configured.

StressX™ Pro Belt Electrodes

(red mask indicates where the hits can activate the sensor)

Side Panels

The addition of the side panels rewards students for incapacitation hits to the vital organs on the side of the body.

Side Panels

Blank Fire Training System

StressVest® has partnered with UTM™ to create StressVest® UTM™ Blocked Barrel Conversion Kits that are compatible with a StressVest® laser insert. With each blank round fired, the laser insert will emit an eye safe red laser pulse that will activate the StressVest®.

Firearm Weapon Option