At the request of Special Forces Groups and SWAT operators around the world, StressVest® has created the new StressX® Tactical system. The system allows operators to train with the StressVest® system, without the need for vest panels that can interfere with equipment mounted to load bearing vests.

The system is designed specifically for SWAT and Special Force teams who want to conduct the most realistic training scenarios possible without having the training gear restrict normal operation of their equipment and weapons systems.

The StressX® Tactical non invasive sensor design allows operators to train with their weapons and equipment in the exact same manner as they would during a real world encounter.

stressx component3


  • NO FACE MASK. No face mask to interfere with obtaining proper sight alignment on long guns.

  • NO VEST PANEL. No vest panel is required. This allows access to equipment mounted to load bearing vest.

  • MULTIPLE FEEDBACK METHODS. Select from vibration or six levels of pain penalties.

  • MULTIPLE MODES. Multiple modes designed to maximize specific training scenarios including modes that allow for injury simulation.

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR MODES. Customizable modes available on request.

  • SIMULATE ARM INJURY. Ability to deliver pain penalty to arm which simulate dominant side injury.

  • INTEGRATED TRAINING IEDs. Will integrate with complete line of StressVest IED training devices.

The StressX® Tactical is specifically designed for CQT training such as room clearing, hostage rescue and building searches where firearm engagement occurs within 40 feet of the adversary. Role players are outfitted with a specific Role Player StressVest® that is designed to be hidden under a single layer of clothing and will only activate when accurate shot placement is displayed by your operators. Add the face sensor to your role player and create hyper realistic body armour drills.

Note: The StressX® Tactical is optimized for indoor training. It is not designed for mid to long range encounters outdoors. If this type of training is desired, please utilize the traditional StressVest® sensor vest.