“I work for one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the Southwest US. We have had the StressVest system for over 7 years. In that time, we have used the Stressvest system to train thousands of law enforcement officers, from regular patrol cops to Academy cadets. When we originally purchased the StressVest system, the idea was to use it in active shooter training during annual training. Once we had the system in our hands, we realized the potential of the system. It was quickly used in SWAT training, academy cadet training, Tueller drill training, and as a tool for public demonstrations. The system is only limited to the training staffs imagination.  If there ever is a need to raise a students level of anxiety, stress, or focus, this is the tool to use. With a multitude of settings and options, the instructor can get the exact reaction they need from the students. As far as toughness goes, I have never seen a product take as much abuse as our StressVest system has and keep working. Originally there was a small technical problem with one of our StressVests, but that was quickly handled with no cost to the Department. If you don’t have this system, you should.”

Jerry Baker
Major LE Agency in Southwest US

“The StressVest is a remarkable training tool carrying layers of value. The ease with which it is donned and deployed optimize the time available for real learning. Systems involving elaborate protective gear–helmets, facemasks, groin protection, torso and back padded body suits and the like, all, perhaps, necessary given traditional marker pistols–eat away at available time for training. Instructors control the intensity of shock experienced by trainees, thus allowing them the range to adjust to live assessments of an individual trainee’s capacities–and to build as those capacities grow. StressVests excite a realistic response to a hit–and drive the trainee to fight through the momentary disorientation that results as he would need to if his survival were on the line. Working with the StressVest requires no reloading between scenarios and requires no cleanup of the facility at the end of training–again optimizing available time for learning. And over time, the StressVest is demonstrably cost-effective.

The StressVest is an extraordinary piece of technology with limitless potential for training the warrior professions. I would recommend it without condition or qualification.”

Lieutenant Daniel Modell
Tactical Training Unit

“The StressVest was absolutely incredible. We had 22 participants go through the scenario and the feedback was that it was the best, most realistic training they have ever had! Below are a list of initial thoughts:

  • OIC had total control of the scenario.
  • For longer scenarios, I was able to charge the system again for another 30 seconds in order to complete further tasks.
  • Utilized Blanks for more realism and in turn made scenario turnaround quicker as there was less safety equipment necessary.
  • Less safety equipment meant role players were able to dress in a more realistic manner.
  • Reinforced officer survival mentality and winning the fight.
  • Officers were not privy to the StressVest before hand. This created the unknown factor as well as bringing the stress level before and during scenario to new levels.”

David Irvine
Wildlife Officer
Wildlife Enforcement Division

“Our preliminary research with the StressVest indicates that it is equivalent to the use of Simunition® in use of force training. In addition, the psychological effect of the StressVest was maintained over several days of use. To my mind this represents a substantial step forward as the lack of personal protective equipment affords the opportunity to add more realism to stress inoculation training. From a scientist’s point of view it has great potential for furthering our understanding of armed confrontations.”

Dr. Jon Cole
Head of Department
Centre for Critical & Major Incident Psychology

“The StressVest system supports operational K9 training in two key facets. Firstly, it allows the K9 to learn to work alongside a handler who is experiencing true levels of stress. Secondly, it allows the k9 teams to conduct force on force training without the concerns of projectiles injuring the K9. This is a generational leap forward in K9 handler training systems.”

Brad Gillespie
K9 Trainier