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ARES™ Arm Shocker

The Ares Arm Shocker is a reality based training device used to simulate the restrictive motion, stress, and pain of dominant arm injuries. The device forces students to use their non-dominant hand for shooting and to carry out the training scenario with a restrained arm.

ARES™ Arm Shocker works by activating either a RF key fob or through a hit on the StressVest® system, it begins delivering a safe, local electrical impulse into the side of the arm. The pain penalty can be stopped by the student moving their arm to a fixed, flexed position – forcing non-dominant hand firearm operation and preventing effective arm use.

StressVest® Arm Shocker

You can’t cut the pie without an arm. One of the most neglected tactical skills is keeping limbs tucked in tight when slicing the corner of a structure. Often students lead with their arm instead of their eyes. The arm shocker delivers a safe, localized shock through one layer of clothing to simulate a dominant arm injury forcing the student to continue the fight with their non-dominant hand.

Features Advanced Training Modes and adjustable pain penalty. Multiple activation methods include an instructor key fob or a laser strike to the sensors on the arm shocker or StressVest®.

Strap Extenders & Protective Belt Cover

The StressVest® Strap Extender is designed to add additional length to the waste strapping on the StressVest®. This allows for the StressVest® to fit larger students or to allow for role players to wear the StressVest® over protective equipment.

The Protective Belt Cover is designed to fit over the StressX PRO Belt. The cover performs several functions:

  1. It protects the belt from wear and tear. Especially for role players who are constantly being proned out for handcuffing.
  2. It blocks the lights to ensure the role player cannot be easily located when conducting training in low light environments.
  3. It has an easy access ap that still allows all the functions of the StressX PRO belt to be used even when the cover is on.

Interactive Multi-Target Training System

Work on transitions, defensive tactics, speed, target identification and more with the Stressvest® Interactive Multi-Target Training System. This system has wireless target-to-target communications and multiple drill configurations.

  • Works with StressVest® iR lasers.
  • Includes a choice of buzzer and light hit indication systems.
  • Five shooting modes.Includes 20 target cards (3-5 inches).
  • Uses AAA batteries.

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ARES™ Arm Shocker


Arm Shocker w/ Sensors & FOB


Interactive Multi-Target Training System


Strap Extender (1 Pair)


StressX® Protective Belt Cover


QuickSight™ Camera


10 Port USB Charging Hub


Heart Rate Monitor


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