The IED Adaptor integrates ANY training IED such as SimBlastTM with the StressX® Elite (also compatible with StressVest® and StressX®Tactical) producing the world’s rst IED training system with pain penalty. Preset your “kill radius” from 0 to 100ft and all StressVests® within that radius will be activated upon detonation.

XC-DDK™ Distraction Device Kit

The XC-DDK Distraction Device Simulator is used to simulate flash-bang grenades and other hand thrown distraction devices, typically used indoors.

Each XC-DDK Kit includes:

  • 10  XC-DDV Distraction Devices
  • 50 CO2 Cartridges
  • 50 Burst Disks
  • 50 oz. Visual FX Powder
  • 1 Hard Carrying Case

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