StressVest® Training Weapon Options

StressVest® has partnered with some of the leading manufacturers in the world of training lasers, training firearm conversion kits, and dedicated training pistols. The following training firearm options do not fire any type of projectile and all deliver an eye safe laser pulse that was specifically engineered to activate the StressVest®.

Blank Fire Conversion Kit

StressVest® has partnered with UTM™ to create StressVest® UTM™ Conversion Kits. With each blank round fired the laser insert will emit an eye safe laser pulse that will activate the StressVest® giving you the most realistic non-projectile force on force training possible.

Dry Fire Solution

Dry Fire training weapon options are available in dedicated handgun replicas and also cartridges that function in any 9mm, .40/.45 Cal and 38 Special/357. Shotgun adaptor is also available.

Electric and CO2 Recoil

Dedicated Electric M4’s available, as well as drop in CO2 recoil kits for most semi-automatic and automatic firearms.