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USCCA featuring StressVest part 2

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USCCA featuring StressVest part 1

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StressVest Portable Sound System

We are very excited about this new product as it adds some major capabilities/training value to the SIRT’s and each trigger pull is free. We added a 3 channel remote key fob and an Aux In for the Instructor. Pressing Channel 1 will deliver an IED Blast, Channel 2 will Mute (Mutes the Auxiliary), and Channel 3 will be automatic gunfire. You will also have the ability to play any sound file into an Aux In connection from any IPOD or MP3 player for background sound (ex. screaming, sirens, etc. for active shooter training).

USCCA featuring StressVest

You walk to your car only to find a complete stranger in the driver’s seat… What’s your next move?


USCCA – 3 Simple Shooting Tactics (featuring StressVest System)

Transform yourself from easy target to prepared protector with these 3 simple shooting tactics…


USCCA – Proving Ground – Featuring StressVest

Watch what happens when a responsibly armed citizen is forced to rely only on his instincts in a simulated fight for his life…


Achieving Accuracy During Real World Encounters

Hitting your target in a real firearms engagement is nothing like shooting on the range. Studies of New York City and LA police officers found that less than 40 percent of rounds shot by police during a deadly force encounter…

Police Training Opens Eyes of Community Leaders

The Houston Police Department offered members of the community how difficult an officer’s job can be.


HPD Shows Training on Use of Force

The Houston Police Department opened their academy up to members of the community and the media Friday. These scenarios are the same ones cadets have to go through before becoming officers.


StressVest Overview

Introducing StressVest®

StressVest™ is the world’s first non-projectile force on force firearm tactical training system capable of delivering a pain penalty. The StressVest™ offers marksmanship point of aim accuracy with Blank Based System, additional Sensor Panels, Advanced IED integration, wireless externally worn StressX™ PRO belt and an Instructor CQT Tablet making it the most advanced force on force system in the world today.

StressVest How-To Videos

StressX Pro Belt Software Update
How to Use StressX PRO Belt
How to Sync StressX Pro Belt to the Transmitter
Basic Laser Sighting Tutorial

StressVest Advantages

Injured Officer Mode
Move to Cover Mode
StressVest Durability Testing
Mask vs No Mask